African Chrome Fields is focused primarily on the alluvial mining of chromite for the special alloy and stainless steel industries.

African Chrome Fields currently holds hundreds of alluvial chrome mining concessions over an area of 20 km2 in the Great Dyke region of Mashonaland and Midlands provinces of Central Zimbabwe. The company’s extraction facilities, consisting of seven wash plants, are located near Chinyika Ranch in Zimbabwe’s Midlands Province.

African Chrome Fields entered the chromium extraction business in partnership with the Zimbabwean government in 2014, steadily rising in output to become the largest exporter of chromium from Zimbabwe within 3 years, and injecting more than 100 million US dollars into the country’s economy.

To do so, it had to overcome significant hurdles:


  • Lack of capital investment
  • High cost and inadequate supply of electricity
  • Lack of basic infrastructure in certain areas
  • Lack of suitable technology and technological expertise
  • Lack of market penetration


  • Strong financial position in Moti Group
  • Operating within world’s richest chrome ore deposits
  • Extracting substantially higher chrome ore grades than most other world reserves
  • Substantial investment into required infrastructure
  • Efficient water-resource technology
  • Established expertise in top industry professionals
  • Strategic alliance with a highly reputable international distribution agent
    Strong network of partners and suppliers


The alluvial deposits of chromite found in the Great Dyke of Zimbabwe is the work of thousands of years, the result of temperature changes, streams and rivers depositing their rich residue in the abundance found today.

The steady and meticulous nature of this creation demands the same from us. Unlike nature, we don’t have the luxury of thousands of years. Our operations demand responsible exploration, precision extraction and efficient enrichment to deliver high-grade chromite.

This value-add is not restricted to our exploration process. It has an equally strong environmental and socio-political component.

Hence African Chrome Fields insisted on creating revenue streams, employment and infrastructure right from the start of operations. It also meant returning the mined environment to a pristine state, and ensuring sustainable, broad-based wealth creation in the process.


In line with the Zimbabwean Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (Zim Asset) African Chrome Fields is committed to the ideals of robust economic growth, sustainable development and social equity for Zimbabwe.

Working in close cooperation with senior members of government, African Chrome Fields is helping to ensure the ideals of Zim Asset, bringing much-needed socio-economic transformation to the area.

This change is best manifested in the extensive employment created. More than twelve hundred Zimbabweans are employed at labour, professional and managerial levels, effecting significant socio-economic changes in the lives of more than 4000 people in the area.

African Chrome Fields provides housing and meals at most plants, as well as medical facilities and doctors at an on-site clinic. The firm also supplies ongoing training to facilitate skills transfer.

African Chrome Fields is further providing a new school with an administrative facility and modern computer lab close to the mine to accommodate more than 250 learners in the Sebakwe area.